How does it work?

ZEROFLATS  is a latex nanocapsule composition that remains liquid inside your wheel then clots when the tyre is punctured forming a flexible and permanent plug, which has similar characteristics to rubber tyres. ZEROFLATS replaces inner tubes and repairs punctures immediately, without having to change to a tubeless tyre!

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You probably know that years ago tubeless technology arrived to the MTB world, with the promise to make the quality of the wheels better and to eliminate punctures. The introduction into our sport has been slowed down by the weight factor and the high prices of tyres.  Besides you have probably discovered that with TUBELESS it is also possible to have a puncture! As a result, the tubeless system has earned a bad reputation and the majority of bikers still keep using tyres plus inner tubes in their bikes.
To ride without an inner tube would certainly be much better. The rest of vehicles we know, have functioned with no problem for decades using this system. The fact is bikes are different from the rest: A bike is the lightest vehicle compared with its cargo weight, and rides over very hard terrain at a very slow speed… and has human traction! Tyres must support all types of abuse and must be as light as possible. This would not be easy to achieve!


Mountain biking has changed extraordinarily in the last few years.  A series of innovations and new technology has made this sport more fun, easy and passionate than ever.  Inspite of this there is still a technology that doesn’t offer a definitive solution.  You probably have had many punctures, and have asked yourself,  how is it possible that nobody has invented a solution to avoid it.
At ZEROFLATS  we believe that having a puncture is a thing of the past and it is time to forget flat tyres forever.


Como mecánico y corredor ZeroFlats és el unico liquido antipinchazos que tapa todo tipo de pinchazo.


Ciclista y Mecánico

Desde que uso ZeroFlats antipinchazos, no he tenido ningún problema en mis cubiertas.

Dídac Carvacho

Ciclista Professional

Con ZeroFlats antipinchazos en mis cubiertas me siento mucho más seguro.

José Fernández

Ciclista Professional, BD Factory Team